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Flower Store in a Box offers a full ecommerce platform to florists to sell flowers to customers anywhere in the world. Established in 2001, it has processed online sales in excess of A$100 million since it was launched.

1st April 2019

Contact Drew Wentzel, drew@enflexion.com.au, Tel: 1300 730 560
In a world first florist ecommerce website software provider Flower Store in a Box has launched “iFloralFragrance Online” allowing customers to ‘scratch and sniff’ their computer or mobile screens and smell the delicate fragrance of the floral bouquet they are looking to purchase”, Drew Wentzel Managing Director said.

Flower Store in a Box is an Australian company that has built and sells a fully featured solution for florists to sell flowers online with hundreds of customers across the world. Established in 2001 online sales through the platform exceed $100Milion dollars. The new “iFloralFragrance Online” technology has been developed over the last 5 year in conjunction with flower growers in Australia.  The proprietary software does not require any additional plugins or downloads for the end user.

The florists require a special “Flower Nose Attunement Device” which much like the nose of a canine beagle, samples the delicate signatures of the floral arrangement and encodes these into a database. When the customer views the floral arrangement online they can scratch the screen and the code will oscillate the temperature and visible light of the screen in just the right way to produce the correct floral scent.

Much like a room deodorizer that when turned on creates a lovely floral not the technology uses heat and light in customized ways to create the unique floral notes. The technology is immediately available to all Flower Store in Box clients who are able to order the “Flower Nose Attunement Device” and upload the scent of the bouquet to their existing websites at no extra charge!

Critics have labelled the technology disturbing and have suggested that it may used for nefarious purposes such as sending stink bomb messages.  Wentzel however has scoffed at the critics, “The potential uses for the patented technology far exceed the humble florists of the world” he said. 

“Imagine being able to choose exactly which take away you want tonight by smelling the food online”, Wentzel suggested. An online demo of the new technology can be found at:


For further information please visit https://www.flowerstoreinabox.com.au







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